The MOLA Headland team have been reflecting on their experience of the A14C2H Summer Community Dig so far. Our archaeologists are extremely efficient at managing archaeological projects, including the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme, but the thrill of a career in archaeology is in uncovering remnants of the past.  Working closely with the volunteers our team are getting to share their expertise as well as the excitement of discovery!

Tee, our dedicated finds processor who can always be heard from the other side of the site/ world, said of her experience so far:

A14-COM-DIG-finds-processor-Tee (c) Highways England, courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure

“I’ve enjoyed working with all the volunteers, particularly because I would like to work in heritage learning and community engagement one day, so this has been a great opportunity for me to gain more experience.”

Jeremy, our team leader who has 30 years’ experience as an archaeologist and loves a good 70s pun, said:

A14-COM-DIG-team-leader-Jeremy (c) Highways England, courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure

“I’ve really enjoyed the way we’ve all learnt from each-other – we teach the volunteers how to do archaeology, and they teach us how to be better archaeologists as we learn how to communicate more effectively with them.  It’s also been really great to have volunteers who are so receptive to learning new skills and who are keen to try everything”.

Beth, our supervisor who loves to create fiendish tests about archaeological processes and concepts, said:

A14-COM-DIG-supervisor-Beth (c) Highways England, courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure

“I enjoy helping the volunteers with all stages of excavation, supporting them to complete features and gain a sense of achievement through this”.

Tom, our surveying supervisor who is known across the whole scheme for his warm smile, said:

A14-COM-DIG-surveying-supervisor-Tom (c) Highways England, courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure

“It’s been lovely and refreshing after all the hard work over the last two years to have the opportunity to pass on our knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of archaeology to the local community”.

The Community Dig is nearing its last week! In our final A14C2H blog we will be revealing what the excavation has uncovered – be sure to check back next Thursday.

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The archaeological programme for the Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme is being carried out by A14 Integrated Delivery Team on behalf of Highways England.