Ask the expert: Finds Supervisor18 Apr

Correct numbering and labelling of bag contents is essential (c) A14C2H courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure

We've been catching up with a few of the specialists bringing their archaeological skills to the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme, based at the MOLA Headland Infrastructure processing base in St Neots. Today we meet the Finds Supervisor, Dr Jim McKeon, who has been managing the processing of 2,000...

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Archaeology of A14C2H from the air12 Apr

Circular ‘henge’ monument thought to have been used as a ceremonial space (c) A14C2H courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure

Come with us on a birds’-eye-view tour of the archaeology of the Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme! Aerial photos and video of archaeological sites provide invaluable information about features that cannot easily be seen or understood from the ground. Online tools make it easy for anyone to look at our…

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Our favourite finds so far: A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon04 Apr

Neolithic flint axe-head (c) Highways England, courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure_preview

Some beautiful and unusual objects have been found during archaeological work for the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme. They range from a prehistoric jet ear-stud to a delightful Saxon (5th to early 11th century AD) bone flute.

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Volunteers needed to record 19th century gravestones04 Apr

volunteers records gravestones St James's Gardens

Join our archaeologists and Heritage experts this May as we record 18th and 19th century gravestones and monuments from St James’s burial ground, Euston, London. Gravestones and memorials hold unique information about people and places. By helping to record the gravestones and memorials you will be adding to the archaeological…

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Top 10: archaeology of A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon27 Mar

Roman chicken shaped brooch (c) Highways England, courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure_preview

The A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme is one of the largest archaeological programmes ever undertaken in the UK. The team are revealing amazing stories of thousands of years of human life and settlement in the Cambridgeshire landscape. We are over half way through excavating sites where new roads and...

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A14C2H archaeology shines light on 6,000 years of history27 Mar

Archaeologists at work on A14C2H (c)A14C2H courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure

A Roman trade distribution centre, an abandoned medieval village and three prehistoric henge monuments are among amazing archaeological discoveries that we have uncovered so far for the UK’s biggest road upgrade; Highway England’s £1.5bn A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme. In total, our archaeologist have excavated around 350 hectares –…

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Ask the expert: Environmental Archaeologist20 Mar


Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in archaeology? There’s a lot more to it than digging: environmental sampling, finds recording and analysis, osteological research (on human bones) and interpreting the findings for the public - to name just a few. We have been catching up with a...

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Becoming an archaeologist: the A14C2H traineeship scheme12 Mar

Trainees learn from MOLA Headland Archaeology professional archaeologist

As the country invests in large infrastructure schemes to grow our road and railway networks, the demand for professional archaeologists to investigate the sites before they are developed, also grows. In common with construction and engineering, archaeology is an industry that needs to recruit and train the next generation of...

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Meet the people behind the UK’s largest archaeological project02 Mar

Geomatician, Ramon

Excavating an overall area of around 350 hectares (1.35 square miles), the team working on the archaeology of the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme is made up of a range of specialists from across the UK and Europe. Headed up by MOLA Headland Infrastructure, with archaeologists from Cotswold Archaeology,...

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Temperance time capsules reveal history of UK’s first ‘sober’ hospital30 Oct

Glass jar 1884 time capsule and memorial stone (c) HS2 ltd.

Two time capsules buried nearly 140 years ago to mark the opening of UK’s first “sober” hospital have been uncovered during the demolition of the derelict National Temperance Hospital by HS2 workers in Euston. The glass jar time capsules and their contents are unique insights into the quirky Temperance movement...

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